Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
Lords Central Hotel, MatheranLords Central Hotel, Matheran
Lords Central Hotel, Matheran 
Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
Lords Central Hotel
Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
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Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
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Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
Lords Central Hotel, Matheran
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Lords Central Hotel, Matheran

What holidayer type are you?

A holiday at the Lords Central is not a 'bulk commodity'. Unlike in other hotels you're not going to feel like 'sardines in a can', back in the town or city you just escaped from.

At the Lord's Central Hotel your holiday is specially custom designed to please who you are, what background you are from, what are your likes and interests.


At the Lord's Central Hotel, Matheran, all the elements are unanimous in their objectives to give you a fine holiday, no matter how different your tastes, needs and passions are. Because, as we all believe, you are not different, you're unique.



Matheran offers some of nature's most incredibly, spectacular sights, a lot of which you can see from Lord's Central. Valleys and mountains, flora and fauna, colours and lights can make the truly passionate artists lose themselves.



The adventurous, roughrider traits in man or woman cannot and must never be tamed. Matheran offers the ideal conditions for long walks in the woods, trekking up steep mountain sides, descending from sheer rock cliffs. And yet, they're safe. At least, most of them are. Does that sound like a challenge?



The click - happy denizens of the world would find Matheran a haven for their creative inclinations. Beginning with the most incredible sunrise from your verandah at the Lord's, nature seems to be throwing up spectacle after spectacle, urging you to keep pace.



For the nature-lover the Lord's Central Hotel is a revelation. Nestled amidst tall xxxxxxx trees, perched breathtakingly over a precipice, overlooking some of the finest mountains and valleys, it's the place where nature set up camp long before you. The rest of her breathtaking entourage faithfully settled down around her in Matheran.

 Nature Lover


Every true gourmet knows that great food enhances and heightens the pleasure of a thoroughly blissful holiday. Come to the Lord's Central Hotel for some fine culinary experiences in Indian, Continental, Chinese, Jain, Gujarati, Punjabi, Barbeque and South India.

Chances are, you wish to extend your holiday.


Here at the Lord's Central, there's more than enough scope for the lover of the indoors to enjoy a truly satisfying holiday. A television in every room, enough books for every reading taste, a giant indoor chess court, table-tennis, video games, a walk in the garden, a beer or two at the beer bar or even the poolside… These are few of your favourite things.

 Indoors Man
Horse Rider 


The avid horserider can enjoy some of the finest rides on a choice of tracks ranging from soft mud tracks to hard ground, through wooded lanes or parched rocky terrain, atop horses that range from the docile good tempered variety for beginners to the really spirited for the experts.



The Lord's Central is your ideal getaway for complete rest and relaxation. The rooms are cosy, the general air and ambience of the place is quiet and unhurried. Sleep off your tiredness, sip a beer or two in the lounge or at the poolside, chance your arm at a spot of badminton, who knows… you may even chase a few monkeys.

 Lazy Boy
Foreign Tourist 


The Lord's Central has enjoyed most preferred holiday destination status with foreigners, since well over 60 years. Listed in the Lonely Planet and other holiday guidebooks for its ambience, quality standards, location, accessibility, proximity to station, views, activities, friendliness of hosts, food customised to individual tastes and a zillion other features; it gives foreigners a sense of home away from home.

Lords Central Hotel, MatheranLords Central Hotel, Matheran
Lords Central Hotel, Matheran